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It's still a Sellers Market! October 2021 Update

Due to low supply and high demand throughout our area, today is one of the strongest sellers' markets we've ever seen!

Let's talk about the market! In a strong buyers market there is usually about 7+ months of home inventory, the natural market lies with 6-7+ months of inventory, sellers market is less than 6 months of inventory, and in todays current market there is only 2.6 months of current inventory! This is absolutely mind blowing and it presents sellers with a great opportunity for homeowners to sell their home. Why you ask?

With less homes available on the market it leaves buyers with less to choose from. If you were to list your home in this market it would receive maximum exposure because of the shortage in inventory. More exposure means more showings, more showings leads to more offers, more offers leads to a bidding war and this could result in your home being sold for TOP market value and above asking price! Homes in the Mid Hudson Region are receiving an average of 4.3 offers in the month of September!

Sellers in this market can benefit from more offers to pick from, higher homes values (appreciation rates remain around +12-15% YTD) and a faster sales process. That might be why 73% of people believe it's a good time to sell.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity. Lets connect so you can take advantage of this sellers' market!

P: (914) 424-0287


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